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The Power of Beer


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Garry Gaga


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Bieber’s Autobiography

15 quotes from Justin Bieber’s new autobiography
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Holy Huge!


Busting Cans with Big Busty Cans

Check out Busty Heart on one of those talent shows.   I think she is going to be big… or I think she IS big.

I will never hear that song DYNAMITE the same again.

OK ladies, who thinks they can do this?

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Singing Daaaawg


Singing Dog

He good… that boy can sing.  At least he can sing better than me and some of the people that audition for American Idle.  I would like to see this dog sing “Pants on the Ground.:  ARrrhrRrrarrrrerrr!

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America is Retarded


America is Retarded

This site was set up so you don’t have to click a link for you fun emails sent on spam friday.  However, this is special and I think it deserve you going to their site.  It is an quick interesting commentary on how retarded we Americans can be by supporting the wrong things, so they more money then the people that can really benefit our society.

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20 Terrible Celebrity Dolls


20 Terrible Celebrity Dolls

Which one do you want for Christmas?

1. Angelina Jolie

2. Anna Chapman

3. Amy Winehouse

4. Bindi Irwin

5. Golden Girls

6. John Travolta

7. Kelly Osbourne

8. Lindsay Lohan

9. Paris Hilton

10. Patrick Dempsey

11. Sarah Palin

12. Snoop Dog

13. Ann Coulter

14. Michelle And Barack Obama

15. Oprah

16. Barbra Streisand

17. Robert Pattinson

18. Hillary Clinton

19. Michael Jackson

20. Susan Boyle

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