Toilet Paper Wedding Dress


The Wedding Contest 2011 WINNER Is ….

The Wedding Contest Winner for Cheap Chic Weddings 7th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest is Susan Brennan from Orchard Lake, MI!

CONGRATULATION SUSAN!!! Susan takes home Top Prize and $1000.00 for her beautiful toilet paper gown creation. Inspired by nature. She used flowers and feathers and balanced the dress with pleats on the bodice. She used 4 rolls of Toilet Paper, hot glue, and packing tape.

Toilet Paper Wedding Contest Winner 2011

Congratulations to Laura Lee from Milpitas, CA. She takes Second Place and the $500 Prize.

Inspired by how new brides want to look and feel in their wedding dresses. She used 5 rolls of one-ply Toilet Paper, transparent duct tape, first aid tape and spray adhesive. Her friend Michelle helped her put the dress together.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress 2nd Place 2011

Cynthia Richards from Marietta, GA takes 3rd Place and a $250 Prize for her toilet paper creation inspired by her business partner’s dream.

She used 20 rolls of Toilet Paper, Duct Tape, Hot Glue, Mod Podge Glue and Fabric Glue. Her 8 year old daughter Rainey helped her with her dress.

3rd Place Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest
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